As a UK trained NHS Consultant, based in London, Dr Griffiths provides a full range of neuropsychological services including diagnostic assessments, psychological therapy and cognitive rehabilitation. All treatments are offered in accordance with NHS National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines and are therefore recognised to be the most effective psychological treatment for the particular disorder. 

Neuropsychological assessment

A neuropsychological assessment involves administration of tests to determine the effects of a neurological condition on cognitive functioning, including memory, language and attention. Assessments involve a clinical interview and a battery of tests to measure cognition and mood. The assessment is usually completed in one session lasting 2-3 hours although additional sessions may be required in some cases.  Dr Griffiths provides comprehensive neuropsychological reports, which include treatment recommendations where appropriate.

Psychological treatments

Dr Griffiths has expertise in carrying out psychological treatments, including cognitive behavioural therapy and cognitive rehabilitation, to help manage and reduce the impact of cognitive and emotional problems following brain injury.  This might involve strategies to help compensate for cognitive problems, specific skills training and/or therapy to help manage anxiety, depression or problems with adjustment. 

Medico-legal reports

Dr Griffiths can provide independent reports for the legal profession. She offers an expert opinion in personal injury cases including the cause of the impairment and consequential impacts on employment and level of independence. Other services include assessment of fitness to plead and fitness to practice following brain injury. 


London Neuropsychology

Dr Sarah Griffiths (B.Sc, D. Clin. Psy., Pg.Dip.)